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  • The first stage of laying of Lingshui gas field subsea pipeline participated by Deping technology was successfully completed

    On June 2, the first phase of the laying of the submarine pipeline in Lingshui 17-2 gas field, the largest scale water-deep submarine pipeline laying project in China built by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), was carried out in the western South China Sea Completed successfully. The construction was operated at a water depth of 1542 meters, build a new record for the submarine pipeline laying depth in China. It is much difficult to operate the pipelay under water. And it requires higher welding technology and capability of the equipment. After particular selection, Deping's internal pneumatic pipe line up clamp DKQ324 and all-hydraulic internal expanding pipe facing machine DPFM0612 won the chance to serve on this project finally. During the construction, the performance of Deping equipment is reliable and steady, The quality of beveling and the efficiency of alignment were highly evaluated by the owner, which provided indispensable support for the smooth completion of the project. All the employees of Deping are sincerely proud and Gratified!

    For vedio please click:https//youtu.be/kXGk79QjrlU

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