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  • Luoyang Deping Captures the headline of Luoyang Daily Newspaper

    Recently Our company is honored to capture the headline of Luoyang Daily Newspaper and following is the orignial content of the news:

    Yesterday at Sunxin road of Hi-tech area, the general manage Mr. Wang Guanglin of Luoyang Deping Mechanical Equipment Co., staring at the apprasial letter from a customer of Russia , a renowned pipeline contractor in Siberia, was filled with emotion.

    Under such cold harsh conditions of -53℃, your paywelders have runned more than 4000 hours. Everything seems perfect-we have not faced any serious breakdowns. From the beggining of 2014 we have welded more than 1500 pipe coupling of 1420mm pipes. In comparison 1500 pipe couplings were welded in the whole 2012 year. In the case, if you will negotiate with any potentioal Russia or CIS client, we can offer you our official letter of recommendation." wrote in the apprasial letter.

    Luoyang Deping Equipments Co.,Ltd is a technology based enterprise of pipeline construction established in the year 2005. The main products include pipe facing machine, internal line up clamp ,paywelder etc..How could the company gain the recgonition from overseas customers that is thousands miles away ?

    "The apprasial letter ultimately earned by the hard exploration of innovation."Mr. Wang Guanglin said.

    From the year 2005,Chinese enterprises started to R&D pipeline construction equipment to replace inported products. Luoyang is appearing under such circumstance.However, Luoyang Deping is different from those who are only blindly imitation to imported products instead of principly reseach, design and innovatin. Luoyang deping stick to independent innovation ,hoping to be excellent with the releated technology. Copying imported products is not a long term solution even you feel easy at present. It is only the entreprise with thought and breaking through can survive in the market that is saturated and with fiercer competition. Mr. Wang Guanglin is always clear about that.

    Paywelder is used in pipeline construction involved with oil&gas energy,chemical and coal etc. For this product, Luoyang Deping developed new hydraulic and motor system, that largely lower fuel consumption and enhance the stability of equipment. Each paywelder has saved more than $100,000 of dissel for the client and the test of Serbia, the most harshest construction enviroment in the world.

    The products of internal line up clamp has reached and even overcomed the similiar products in the world and be the learning object of the peer. One of the specialists of pipeline construction in India comments their products which is inexpensive and durable with excellence performance.

    The pipe facing machine series made for the Korea client of Luoyang Deping have totally overturned the structure of what is used to be.The beveling accuracy and efficiency is leading in the domestic and break the monopoly price of the imported products.Domestic markets share 80%.

    In recent three years, Luoyang Deping gets about 50 patents of their products and becoming famous in the world.You can see their products in many places of pipeline construction site such as Iran ,Korea ,India , UAE in Asia, Russia in Europe ,Lybia in Africa, Brazil ,Chile in south Africa…

    Now the entreprise has been the excellent supplier of Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, annual turnover has arrived RMB 500,000,000 since the year of RMB 5000,000.

    Luoyang Deping haven't stopped upgrading the products facing the achivements. "These days, we are talking about establishing a Luoyang Robert innovation service platform,start researching the automation and intelligence in the filed of pipeline construction equipment. We hope our products can reach the world-class level in automation and intelligence with the Robert technology ."Mr Wang Guanglin Said with confidence.

    Luoyng Deping will keep going on with our hard work.

    Article Source: Luoyang Daily News

    Luoyang Deping



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