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  • DP equipment on CNOOC pipe laying barge

    After 5 month’s construction, the 195KM submarine pipeline of the ‘Eastern 13-2 ’gas field project had completed by the heavy pipe laying vessel ‘Offshore oil 201’at 18thFebruary. It realized the all-season-seaborne construction of the South China Sea. For now, this project is the longest self-laying submarine pipeline project, the lengths is 2 times from Beijing to Tianjin.

    During the construction, our self-developed and manufactured equipment had been used and play an important role in the whole progress. For example: DKQ168/DKQ406 Stainless steel Internal clampwith cable control, DKQ457 Purge System Internal Clamp, DKQ610 Internal clamp for Main-line, DKQ610 Internal clamp for Sub-line,(the line up clamp and the pipe work at the same time with four row of clamp shoes),CRA pipe cutting and beveling machine,Carbon steel pipe beveling machine etc. We all know that there are bad weathers over the South China Sealike frequently typhoon, huge waves etc. Since Song Dynasty the Silk Road open,there are plenty of merchant ship has sink under it. This time the submarine pipe diameter is 813msingle pipe weights 12tonslaid under 1409meters depth in the seanormal paving tension 160tonsclosed to the upper limit of the ship.We worked 24 hours per dayand built up a closer friendship with the staff on the ship.

    The first submarine pipeline in China was built in 1988backward from the world about 32 years.In a long timethe submarine pipeline were only laid under the Bohai Seahad a low efficiency of 1km per dayand were only laid in 200 meters depth.The success of this pipeline laying marks the improvement of Chinese pipe-laying technique and means a lot to the development and utilize of the gas field in the South China Sea.

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