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  • Deping Technology participated in safety training for Qatar offshore project

    Deping Technology will provide equipments and technical service for Qatar offshore pipeline welding project.

    Deping will provides 3 sets of DPFM1224F beveling machine, 2 sets DKQ508QE internal clamp with laser system, 3 sets of composite pipe cutting machine DPCM508, and related welding services.

    Due to the offshore construction requirement, related technical stuff from Deping and CNOOC have participated in the safety training program of OPITO(a non-profit technical organization in the world energy industry) from 6 to 9 Augest. The training lasted for four days, including theoretical research, helicopter lifeboat escape, fire training, hydrogen sulfide safety protection and emergency means, and escape.

    Offshore construction projects is very complex. And in extreme cases, an operational error can lead to major accidents. Safety training for can not only improve operations safety, but also protect the personal safety.

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