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  • Deping held the year-end sports meeting

    The New Year is approaching, It is the moment to see the new year in and the old year out. On the afternoon of January 23, 2019, the sports meeting of Luoyang Deping technology Co., Ltd Company were held in the square of the company's office building as schedule.

    The purpose of the games is to participate actively, work healthily and live happily. All staff of Deping Company participates the games enthusiastically, who are divided into six teams: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Green. Six items including tug-of-war, basketball running, animal squatting , the puttee runs and so on were set up in the games. Each item can not only exercise everyone's ability to use their hands and brains, but also develop the ability to work in unity and cooperation. This is a contest of wisdom and physical strength, as well as a perfect competition of unity and cooperation.

    From the beginning to the end of the Games, the scene of the competition was hot, with the cheering constantly, applause on the field, the whole square is rippling with laughter. Finally, the pink, green and blue team became the the champion, the runner up, the third winner, the company sent the awards to them and the others obtain the participant awards.

    This campaign will increase the communication among the various departments in the company, enhance team cohesion, and raise the enthusiasm of employees. I believe that we all will devote more passion to the new year's life and work.

    Luoyang Deping



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