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  • ZDP800D


    Well protected hand held remote control incorporates a micro lattice screen, it can display clearly under extreme weather conditions;

    7" touch controller screen can achieve welding parameters real-time editing, log output;

    Controller has both water cooling and heating systems, is very strong adaptability to the environment.

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    • Specification
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    Automatic Welding System ZDP800D:

    Bug Size: 488 x 453 x 315mm

    Weight including torch: 15.3kg

    Vertical Work Capacity: 50mm

    Horizontal Work Capacity: 50mm

    Angle Adjustment Scope: 0~10

    Swing Frequency: 240 OSC/min

    Swing Adjustment: 0~50mm

    Swing Waveform Ratio: 0~1

    Left or Right Dwell Time: 0~2S

    Wire Feeding Speed: 0~15m/min

    Walk Speed: 0~2m/min

    Angle Sensor: 360°±0.1

    Wire Feeding Motor: code control

    Travel Motor: code control

    Horizontal Motor: step motor

    Minimum Applicable Pipe Size: 114mm

    Welding Method: Single welding torch / Double welding torch

    Working Temperature: -40°C ~+75°C

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