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    1. Patented design of rigid straight connecting of engine, generator and hydraulic pump

    2. Patented design of hydraulic clutch system

    3. MPF-H75 paywelder saving 75% energy consumption compared with MPS-H80 and MPS-H100

    4. Our paywelder has 11.2% improvement in efficiency compared with similar products

    5. Low noise level

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    • Specification
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    Model MPS-H75
    Operating Weight 8500Kg
    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 4500*2400*2950mm
    Engine for Traveling Type YTO LR4M3Z-G104NR-U2
    Power 77kw
    Rotating Speed 2200rpm
    Operating Format Pressure/ Flux 25mpa/189 L/Min
    Traveling Indoor hand & foot synchronization joy stick
    Lifting Outdoor joy stick
    Travel Travel Speed(Front & reverse) 2.8-4.6km/H(two shifts ,continuously variable transmission)
    Grade ability 30°
    Ground Pressure 33/25Kpa39/32Kpa
    Chassis Minimum Ground clearance 490mm
    Track Shoe Width 500mm/600mm
    Cantalever Lift Type Hydraulic 360°swing ,telescopic boom
    Max Lifting capacity 3200kg
    Crane Radius 2100-5320mm
    Pressure /Flux 20mpa/25L/Min
    Main Carrying Capacity

    HW800DS 2 units of handwheel polisher
    (Factory setting: this equipment doesn't carry above items)

    “MPS-H Series” all-hydraulic paywelder is the special pipeline construction equipment, which has power saving, high efficiency and powerful cross-country performance, be able to perform in severe working conditions such as swamp, desert, ect, also it functions of all generating, traveling, welding, lifting ability

    Main features:

    User equip all in one welder (multi-function engine driven welder) by themselves

    Powerful cross-country performance supported by 10T excavator chassis with ship type platform frame and 91KN powerful traction

    Compared with similar products, our paywelder has an 11.2% improvement in efficiency, also cantilever crane equipped an independent hydraulic system, full rotating 360°ability

    Comfortable operating space:safe and low vibrating of YF-3opearting cab

    Reducing maintenance cost:incorporate engine, generator with hydraulic pump

    Easy for tranfer :platform body is equipped with the built-in lifting hook, easy hoisting and shipping by truck

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